Please read some feedback from various students around the world who use my corporate language support services.

Amanda Bennicasa

Head of Commercial Team at Agrotools,São Paulo, Brazil

I started using the Platinum package (Corporate Language Support) service with Eddie 6 months ago. I get 20 hours of full-time language support per month which means that my e-mails, documents and anything else that I'm working on in English, all gets checked over, amended and sent back to me within a couple of hours at most. Whenever I have important business meetings in English I can prepare with Eddie. His service gives me great peace of mind and I've been recommending him to all of my friends and colleagues.


Eu comecei a utilizar o Pacote Platinum do Corporate Language Support 6 meses atrás. Eu tenho 20 horas de suporte fulltime, o que significa que meus e-mails, documentos e qualquer outro material que produzo em Inglês são todos checados, melhorados e enviados de volta para mim dentro de algumas horas. Quando eu tenho reuniões importantes em Inglês, eu as preparo com o Eddie. Os serviços dele me dão confiança, portanto, eu tenho recomendado seu trabalho para todos meus amigos e colegas.

Abiy Negussie

Director at Tonab Trading PLC, Addis Ababa, Khiopia

I've been using the gold level corporate language support package for the past 3 months and it's been a fantastic help for me and all of my staff to know that there is someone who can correct and look over all of our documents in English. A wonderful service that I couldn't do without in the future.


ባለፉት 3 ወራት የ Gold ደረጃ የኮርፖሬት ቋንቋ ድጋፍ ተጠቅሚ ነበርኩ እናም በመስሪያቨቤታችን ዉስጥ የአንዳንድ የእንግሊዝኛ ቢዝነስ ቋንቋ ስተቶቻችንን ቶቻ

በማስተካከል እና ማሻሻል የሚችል ድጋፍ ሰጪ እንዳለ ማወቁ ለእኔም ሆነ ለባልደረቦቼ እጅግ ጠቃሚ ሆኖ አግኝቼ ዋለሁ ፡፡ ይህንን ጥሩ ድጋፍ ለሁልግዜም እንጠቀመዉ አለን።

Mariana Magalhães

Sr Marketing Analyst at Schindler, São Paulo, Brazil

I've been taking classes with Eddie since 2016 and I've noticed a considerable improvement in my conversational skills. His classes are extremely enjoyable and we get to discuss a wide range of topics ranging from business English to international affairs to art and music. What I enjoy most is that Eddie always manages to bring up topics that he knows that I would like to explore in more detail in English. Having classes with Eddie is always fun and interesting and there is nothing better than learning with him.


Eu tenho tido aulas com o Eddie desde 2016 e percebo uma melhora considerável na minha fluência desde então. As aulas são extremamentes agradáveis pois discutimos diferentes assuntos em cada aula, desde inglês para negócios a políticas internacionais além de assuntos relacionados a artes e música. Mas, o que eu mais gosto é que o Eddie está sempre buscando trazer para nossas aulas assuntos que ele sabe que eu gostaria de explorar em detalhes. As aulas com ele são sempre prazerosas e não há nada melhor que aprender com ele.

Martinho Capelão

Veterinarian SurgeonLisbon, Portugal

I want to introduce you to my English teacher, Eddie, who has recently set up his own business. He teaches Business English and general conversation amongst other areas. I’ve been having classes with Eddie for the past 6 years and he’s really helped me to improve my conversation, reading, listening and general comprehension. We always have wonderful, lively conversations and my classes are very enjoyable. I can’t think of a better person to recommend than Teacher Eddie if you are looking for an experienced English language tutor. I’ve attached a couple of links from his website. Please check him out when you have the chance.

Meu nome é Martinho Capelão e sou de Portugal. Sou cirurgião veterinário e trabalho para o hospital veterinário Restelo em Lisboa, Portugal. Meu professor de Inglês, Eddie, recentemente montou seu próprio negócio em que ele dá aulas de Inglês para negócios e conversação em geral, além de outras áreas relacionadas ao ensino da língua inglesa e ele me pediu para escrever uma recomendação para ele. Eu tenho aulas com o Eddie há 6 anos e, durante esse tempo, ele tem me ajudado bastante a melhorar a minha conversação, leitura, escuta e a compreensão em geral do inglês. Sempre tivemos conversas agradáveis e animadas e as minhas aulas são muito prazerosas. Não tenho como recomendar ninguém, além de Eddie se você está buscando por um professor experiente e capaz de entender as suas necessidades como estudante de inglês.

Mrs Azeb Desta

Company Secretary at Right Way Education Consultancy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

I'm using the Silver service and I love it. I don't need to worry about problems with my English any more because Teacher Eddie is there for me 24 hours a day to correct any mistakes.


የሲልበር አገልግሎት ተጠቃሚ ነበርኩ በጣም ወደጄዉ አለሁ ከእንግዲሕ የሚያሳስበኝ ግድፈት አይኖርም Teacher Eddie ሁልግዜ ድጋፍ በፈለግሁ ወቅት ሀያአራት ሰአት ሰአት ከኔ ጋር ነዉ

Ms Kuronuma

Business Development Manager Tokyo, Japan

Teacher Eddie has been my business English language teacher for the past year and a half and I really enjoy his classes. I’ve been able to significantly improve my confidence and ability to communicate in English using his methodology. His classes are based around a detailed focus on business English vocabulary and themes from the Market Leader text books and this has expanded my confidence when I have to speak or write in English. I will continue having classes for the foreseeable future with his company because I like his methodology and I’m enjoying the progress that I’m making







ゆみ子 Yumiko

外資系企業 勤務

Chan Yuk Na

Registered Nurse at Baptist Hospital,Hong Kong

I am a Registered Nurse in Hong Kong and I am in the process of improving my English so that I can emigrate overseas and work. I have been having lessons with Eddie now for the past 6 months and he has really helped me improve my pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. I feel that, with his guidance, I am in a much stronger position to pass the OET exams so that I can emigrate to the United Kingdom. He has helped me to clearly identify those weaknesses in my language skills that I need to work on. I would highly recommend him for all who are looking to improve their English language skills.


大家好,我是一名香港註冊護士,我一直想改善自己的英語能力。而我跟Eddie 學習英語已經有半年了。在這半年間,我改善了不少英語發音、生字以及英語文法之用法。而Eddie 幫助我改善我的發音弱點,使我在PTE 以及OET考試中,更有信心。我誠意推介他給所有想改善英文的人。