Business English

We now live in a globalized world where good business English language skills are an essential tool for any executive who wishes to advance their career.

With 15 years experience as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court in the United Kingdom and 10 years experience as a corporate language tutor I am very experienced in helping corporate clients to develop their English language skills.

My business English classes are geared towards today’s international environment where executives communicate on a regular basis with native English speakers.

My online Business English lessons are geared towards executives and professionals at intermediate or advanced levels.

By using proven, tried and tested course material, my English language lessons will help you master a number of skills including among others:

[a] Communication skills and presentations

[b] International marketing

[c] Social media

[d] Finance and Banking English

[e] Management styles

[f] Takeovers and mergers

[g] Brands

[h] Making appointments

[i] Conversational etiquette

[j] Making polite requests and dealing with day to day complaints

[k] Communication with colleagues

[l] Discussing international trade

[m] Leading business meetings and giving presentations

[n] Writing business letters & reports

[o] Summarizing key ideas

[p] Virtual discussions

My lessons are normally conducted on a one on one basis and are designed in order to help students advance their competency in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

I use a variety of tried and tested internationally approved course material including the Market Leader, Business One to One, Business Venture and Intelligent Business books.