What Services Do I Offer?

I offer two types of services for my clients.

Why choose me?

Neutral Standard British accent with excellent pronunciation

Excellent command of the English language [phrasal verbs, vocabulary, knowledge of grammar, idioms].

Teaching senior management and CEOs of a number of major corporations in Japan, Brazil, Spain and Portugal.

Working knowledge of three other languages [French, Mandarin Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia] so well acquainted with the methodological process for language learning.

Friendly personality and professional

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About me

I am a Corporate English Language teaching expert with a 15 year background in Law [Solicitor of the Supreme Court – UK], 20 years of experience in the business field and over 10 years experience as a language tutor [both in the classroom and online].

I graduated with an LLB Honors in Law and then qualified as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court in the United Kingdom.

I worked as a Solicitor for 15 years in a variety of firms in London and was a partner in a law firm for several years before moving to Asia.

As a language specialist living in Asia over the past 10 years I have extensive experience of classroom teaching, online teaching and one-to-one online language consultancy.

I hold a number of teaching qualifications and have been operating principally in the corporate and business sectors as a language teacher for business executives from around the world.

Classes can take place using a variety of mediums including Skype, Zoom or Google Meet.